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Investments often involve risk and there is no guarantee that investments will be suitable, profitable or a loss in any client's portfolio. Information provided within or as a result of third parties in this website are not a substitute in any way for personal advice from a financial advisor or other type of professional. Many historical performances do not reflect sales charges, custodial fees, transaction fees, or fees collected for wealth management. 




The Advisory Firm of Katherine L. Brown, LLC does not share information about our clients with any outside parties for solicitation or marketing mailing lists. We do not allow access to your information to anyone other than associates of the company for the purpose of serving you better. All information is kept in a secure location and secure computer database. Information out is limited to the third parties that you request access for the purpose of planning only (your banker, your loan or real estate agent, your tax professional, your lawyer, your insurance agent). State or Federal regulators under the permission of the law may review forms and records in files. 

Your Financial Advisor will collect your financial and personal information from all of the records you provide, the forms that are filled out with companies, and the records sent in by financial institutions such as mutual fund companies, advisors or representative, and/or employers. We collect and keep identifying information such as social security number, driver's license number, and date of birth, address, and place of employment. 

The information that we collect is often non-public in nature. What we keep on file will depend on the type of advice or planning arrangement that is engaged. Information about personal finances, health, and assets are crucial to the procurement of financial planning strategies. Information from consumer reporting agencies or credit reporting agencies may also be gathered. 



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