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A Few Reasons to Meet With An Advisor:

  • Advice on retirement planning and projected cash needs

  • Advice on creating a financial plan and setting goals

  • Advice on annuity and/or pension planning or investing

  • Advice on selecting investments in my company 401(k), TSA, 403(b), or profit sharing plan

  • Advice on Lump Sum Rollovers or choosing between different IRAs

  • Advice on buying my house or investment property

  • Advice on what type of mortgage is best for my situation

  • Advice on the difference between life insurance products

  • Advice on planning for my child’s college education


    Just Pure Financial Advice

    If you are looking for objective financial planning or investment advice from a trusted advisor with a broad range of expertise, you are in the right place. We are a fee-only financial planning firm that has adopted the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Personal Financial Planners. While some firms offer advice as a benefit for buying their products (insurance or financial), we offer advice, period.


    Comprehensive Financial Planning
    Let us help you along the road of life, creating a written and detailed financial plan, updating it as needed throughout the year, and helping to implement the necessary steps to achieve your goals. Visit the office or schedule a conference call as many times you need throughout the year with a Financial Advisor.

    Investment Management
    Hire us to manage your portfolio with the flexibility of liquidity and the savings of no-load funds with little or no trading fees from our custodians. Even include your outside company retirement plan accounts if you want. Investment management is also available for annuities, variable life insurance and college savings plans.

    Hourly Advice
    Come in for quick 2nd professional opinion on what you are doing on your own, or what you have hired someone else to do. No long term comittment needed!

    Quote of the Month

    "Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it." (Proverbs 13:11)